Product of a Murderer

I'm Kinga, a 19-year-old Londoner.


having one of those days where im in such an off mood and everything is winding me up and im starting to get a headache from stopping myself from tearing up and im so tired of feeling this way without knowing why

"The things we really do want to hear:
- that’s okay if you can’t finish your meal. You tried.
- I’ll lay in bed with you all day if that’s what you need.
- if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, then don’t but i think you look beautiful.
- you don’t have to talk about it now
- how can i help you through this?
- don’t be afraid to cry
- i know it hurts
- try to breathe
- do you need me to come over?"

- Things to say to those with mental health problems. (via twopondsandadoctor)

(via xtccrystal)